Not sure where to post this!

As many of you know Donington Hall is the home of Norton Motorcycles and clearly visible from Donington Park Race Circuit. What you may not know is Norton is run and owned by complete Petrolheads who have a passion for both cars and bikes. (And own a few Astons!)

As such we have started the Donington Hall Motor club, which have various member levels but ultimately will be a great place to meet regularly. There was in fact a Derby and District Motor Racing Club based at Donington Hall many moons ago...



We will be opening a Clubhouse in the Hall and provide refreshments etc and want it to be just a pleasant place to come and talk all things motor related. We want it to be exclusive, in an inclusive way, if that makes sense!

Just dipping our toe in the water over winter but plan to have ride/drive outs next summer and have a number of events under our belt already such as Burnout and the Porsche Owners Club meet, both of which were really good fun.

Anyway, heres a link, if you have any questions just ask.


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Nice idea 👍👍
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John Purser
Indeed it is - well worth support.
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