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I forgot to look at the forum before going otherwise I would have been at garage 38.

Photos hopefully going on the Area 13 page - on the 4th attempt at getting it to save.  Also on the davron website.  Mainly pictures of felthams which will double up in the Feltham Newsletter.

Great day, good atmosphere, flipping cold although I think cyclist was in shirt sleeves while I had 2 jumpers, coat, gloves etc on!

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Beg pardon Anne, of course we chatted as well.  Thankfully I was wearing a nice thick top, not shirtsleeves!  Also Mike Talbot was on his usual genial form - always a pleasure.
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I made it.

Parked over close to the Spitfire... chatted with a couple of V8 owners. Briefly said hello to Phil and did go over to 38 and helped myself to a coffee, but it was so busy...

Racing was great.
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I was getting to grips with my new camera, so I missed the most spectacular flames from the exhaust of this 2/4MkII.

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