Oh well, at least I did a couple of hundred yards.
John Cheyne
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Vanquish Rider
Deserves a Fish from me.

Life Begins Outside Your Comfort Zone
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Doctor Houx
Fair play! I’ve SORN’d all the fleet bar the daily drivers and they remain tucked up in their Carcoons with CTEK’s on.☹️. Such a shame with the fab weather in U.K. and central France this month 🙄
"Racing is life; everything that happens before or after is just waiting."
Steve McQueen.

Frank H. Area 14 (Norfolk) and Le Mans, France.
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What a great vid.  Like a untamed Lion not being able to get out!
DB11 Volante Quantum Silver
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That made me laugh for the first time today, so thanks for that. Hopefully you will be able to give it some welly soon.
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