On Thursday, we were invited to the promotion day at the Top Gear track for a Fly and Drive in they are holding on August 27th.

Apart from being very, very, very cold (2 pairs socks, jeans + double layer bike trousers, top, 3 jumpers, 2 coats, 2 pairs gloves and a hat cold!) there  were some interesting cars there.  Including the only Emerson formula 1 car (I think that's right).

We then got a couple of laps round the Top Gear track.  Seemed strange trying to work out all the corners that we see on the programme.  I managed to go last so was able to have some reasonable gaps and could floor it along the longer sections.

Hopefully, I can attach the pictures I took:


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Apart from the cold you seem to have had a good day Anne. I think the Fittipaldi F1 cars were called Copersucers after their sponsors. Martin
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It is such a shame that Dunsfold is no longer fully operational - Surrey's sleepy Hawker plant.  It is a really lovely field.

When I worked there I saw all sorts of splendid stuff.  The Hawk/Harrier test pilots were really looked up to on the airfield.  I accompanied one of them out to the flight line for the first flight of a Harrier and the look into the eyes of the groundman when asking if everything was OK was the deepest stare into someone's soul I have ever seen.

All sorts of stories of trajedy for them though too, really awful.  The great pilots Jim Hawkins and Taylor Scott were both killed around my time there and the worst of the lot (about 10 years earlier) was "Catseyes" Cunningham losing engines to birds on takeoff in an HS125 and ploughing into a car killing another pilot's wife and several schoolchildren.

The only funny one I heard - and I don't know whether it was true - concerned the taxiway one had to drive along to get to work.  I was told that someone failed to give way to a Hawk (!) causing rather a large bill for the car's insurer.

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Julian BW
Anne - sounds like it was a wonderful day!
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