I was one of 5 Astons, numerous Ferraris and Lambo's that took part in a great day for charity. About 60 supercars took passengers for a ride around Ford's test track.

It was organised by Club Scuderia and petrolheads nirvana and was a great day for charity. Ford donated their test track and people donated £20.00 per ride. All I can say is that if you want some fun for a tank full of fuel and raise loads for charity (and a few heart rates), then look out for this next year.

The 4 x V8 vantage and a DB7 on the track took a few Ferrari's by surprise , but the looks on passengers faces was great. 140MPH legally and 90+ MPH around the banking was awesome. and tens thousands £'s for charity does not get any better.

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It certainly was a great day, one which has generated more than £25,000 for "Little Havens", as well a great deal of fun for all of those present.  The Ford Motor Company should be commended for their decision to support this event, by allowing the Dunton facility to be available for the day they have helped to provide vital funding for desperately ill children and their families.  It was also pleasing to see so many car owners giving up their Sunday to provide rides to a very appreciative public.  The Astons present gave a good account of themselves and were in action throughout the day along with a variety super cars, predominantly Italian (the only vehicle that required a ride home was a "Lambo" that developed a problem with its hydraulics).

I have a feeling that this event is likely to be just as popular next year and would encourage anyone wanting to take part to lodge your interest early.

Attached is photographic evidence that you can achieve 135 m.p.h., in the DB7 V.V., without losing your hair or your tonneau!  ;D

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