The International Dinner and Spring Concours held at the Imperial War Museum Duxford on 21-22 May 2016 was "the best in the Club’s history" says AMOC Deputy Chairman and Concours Organiser, Mark Donoghue.

The weekend’s events, attended by the Club’s President Diana, Viscountess Downe, attracted a record number of members from all over the world - as far as Australia - and more Concours entries than ever before.

During the Saturday evening International Dinner champagne reception sponsored by Champagne Taittinger, members were treated to a demonstration of Concorde’s famous nose droop by Duxford Aviation Society volunteers. An insightful, informative and humorous talk by former Concorde Captain, John Hutchinson, followed a three course meal served under the wings of the British pre-production test model. Together with an Aston Martin Vulcan parked alongside the famous Avro Vulcan bomber, a Spitfire and a Lancaster all under the same roof of the Museum’s award-winning AirSpace Exhibition, it was quite a spectacle.

Says John Hutchinson: “When asked to speak about Concorde, I jumped at the opportunity. It seemed so very appropriate that this event was to take place in the AirSpace Exhibition, a brilliantly imaginative venue and memorable evening. The conversation never stopped for a moment and no one was in a rush to leave!”

Over 100 entries from pre-war to modern cars, representing every Aston Martin production era, constituted the Club’s biggest and most successful Concours to date, with the highest-ever standard of entries displayed amongst the static aircraft.

The highly coveted Elite Class was won by Ian Dewsnap with his V12 Vantage (2012). Three rare pre-war cars created a beautiful spectacle and the class was won by the Second Series (1935) of David Hicks. The two Newport Pagnell classes were won by Richard Atherton’s DB5 (1964) and Steve Goodman’s V12 Vanquish (2004). The Bloxham title was clinched by the DB7 V12 Vantage (2003) of Richard Aczel. The Gaydon class was won by Jonathan Lupton with V8 Vantage (2007) whilst the modern class was taken by the Vanquish Volante Carbon (1996) of Peter Earl. The Lagonda Class was won by the V8 saloon (1980) of Roger Ivett. Peter Earl also took the Pride of Ownership title with his Vantage V550 Supercharged (1996) and the Competition Class was won by Hugh and Carol Beckwith with their DB2/4 (1955). The Associate Class was won by the MR2 Roadster (2004) of Marilyn Shelton. Entry on the Day was won by Philip Yea and his Vanquish S (2006).

The Aston Martin Heritage Trust Spring Concours celebration display brought together twenty superb examples of the supercharged Vantage built between 1993 and 2000, with variants including a prototype, V550s, V600s and two stunning examples of the Vantage Volante. The winner of the Spring Concours Trophy was Gordon Wyles, who brought along chassis number 1 with a fascinating and unique specification built for its first owner Wensley Haydon-Baille, which stood side by side with Phil Williams Prototype.

AMOC President Viscountess Diana Downe said: "The weather was perfect, the displays were amazing, the cars and the top number of entrants we have ever had were fantastic. I’m so pleased that it's becoming such a popular event for our Members from all over the world."

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