Here are a few photos from the Bonhams Auction, International Dinner and Concours.  Club Members are welcome to add any photos that you have taken via the Club Forum.
During the Bonham's Auction:
180602_Englefield Bonham Auction People_AReed.jpg      180602_Englefield Bonham Auction_Auctioneer_AReed.jpg   

The International Dinner:
Lockton Insurance provided coffee for Members 

Members enjoying Taittinger Champagne:

Concours prizegiving:
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More here
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Photos by Ian Kendall

Andrew and Gill Fawkes cleaning their 1969 DB6, who came second in the Heritage Pride of Ownership Class 

180603_Englefield Concours_AFawkesDB6_IanKendall.jpg 
Anthony Evans won the Elite Class with his DB9 GT 180603_Englefield Concours_Elite Winner Anthony Evans DB9 GT_IanKendal.jpg
Over 400 Aston Martins
180603_Englefield Concours_Field of Astons_IanKendall.jpg 
Judges deliberating over the class results
180603_Englefield Concours_PMartin+ASington+DRobinson_IanKendall.jpg
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Photos taken by Chris Fendt

Saturday evening dinner in the Long Gallery

180602_Englefield Concours_Dinner_Chris Fendt_6020257.jpg

180602_Englefield Concours_AReed+Hall_Chris Fendt_6020231.jpg
The Speakers and event organiser: Club Chairman - Anne Reed, Concours Committee Chairman - Martin Coleman, Event organiser - Christine Howson and Club Area Representative for Western Australia - Jim Tweddle
180602_Englefield Concours_AReed+MColeman+CHowson+JTweddle_Chris Fendt.jpg           180602_Englefield Concours_Table1_Chris Fendt_6020225.jpg  180602_Englefield Concours_Table7_Chris Fendt_6020221.jpg 
Some of the signs to be put out along the route to the venue

180603_Englefield Concours_Aigns_Chris Fendt_6020181.jpg     
Amazing array of Astons heading down to the Bonham's Auction marquee
180603_Englefield Concours_Field Astons_Chris Fendt_6030299.jpg

180603_Englefield Concours_House_Chris Fendt_6020184.jpg     
Some of the cars in the V12 Vanquish display put on by the Aston Martin Heritage Trust

180603_Englefield Concours_Row V12 Vanquish_Chris Fendt.jpg   
The Club Shop was busy all day

180603_Englefield Concours_Shop_Chris Fendt_6030295.jpg 
Dr Bez, previous CEO of Aston Martin, with Chief Judge - Mark Donoghue giving out some of the trophies
180603_Englefield Concours_Dr Bez_Chris Fendt_6030035.jpg
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Along with the bloke selling ice creams.....
Ooooppps...I did it again....
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We couldn’t make it on the Sunday, thanks all for the pictures and for showing some of the lovely cars on display. Hopefully be there next year.

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Pictures by Tania Reed

The Aston Martin Heritage Trust stand and some of their display. 

180603_Englefield Concours_AMHT_Tania Reed__102007.jpg 

The Club stands
180603_Englefield Concours_Club Tents_Tania Reed__101945.jpg 
Lockton Insurance provided complimentary Coffee for Members

180603_Englefield Concours_Lockton_Tania Reed__104036.jpg

Judging the Elite class Winner
180603_Englefield Concours_Judging_TaniaReed__101913.jpg

Aston Martins as far as you can see...

180603_Englefield Concours_Astons2_Tania Reed__130020.jpg 180603_Englefield Concours_Field of Astons_Tania Reed__130318.jpg 
180603_Englefield Concours_PreWars_Tania Reed__132732.jpg
and a brief look at the delightful gardens 
180603_Englefield Concours_Gardens_Tania Reed__145927.jpg 

180603_Englefield Concours_Gardens2_Tania Reed__152305.jpg
180603_Englefield Concours_Gardens3_Tania Reed__154345.jpg
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Just behind the large Urn 15 pictures up there was a cricket pitch on which a match was being played. A number of cars got moved sharpish when the first 6 was hit!
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A few more shots of a great day.

  P1160166.jpg  P1160169.jpg  P1160174.jpg  P1160175.jpg
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Project Vantage - Hurlingham 1998

William in PV.jpg 

Englefield 2018 two generations on.  Thanks to George!

John Cheyne
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