March 4th: AMOC No. Cal Pub night
Time:  6 p.m.
Location:  Fibbar Magees, 156 S. Murphy Avenue, Sunnyvale, CA  94086
An informal evening of food and drink.  Once the restaurant manager returns from vacation (mid January I believe), the menu arrangements will be sorted out, and a follow up flyer will be sent.

April 27-28th (tentative):  AMOC North/South Meet       
This event is being arranged by the Southern California Section and details will follow.

May 6th:  Hillsborough Concourse
This nonAMOC event will feature Pierce Arrow and Cars of the Art Deco era.  More information is available at

June 2-3rd:  Wine Country Classic at Infineon (Sears Point) Raceway
This event features vintage car racing.  More information is available at

June 8-10th:  Open Roads British Car Show at Tahoe
This event is open to all British marques.  More information is available at

June 16-17th:  Golden Gate Grand Prix Classic
Pre 1960's race cars will be competing in and around Golden Gate Park.  More information is available at

June 23-24th:  Palo Alto Coucourse
Cord is the featured American Marque, Ferrari is the featured foreign marque.  More information is available at

Late June:  Chico British Car meet
No date has been set yet, but this event usually occurs in late June

July 7th:  AMOC North's "The Birds"  Run
Time:  10:00 a.m.
Location:  Depart from Aston Martin Marin dealership, located at 195 Casa Buena Drive, Corte Madera, CA  94925.  Arrive at the Tides restaurant around 11:30 a.m. for lunch.

Our July drive this year will return to the coast for a run up highway 1 to the Tides restaurant in Bodega Bay, the route that Tippi Hedren drove in her Aston Martin that was featured in the Alfred Hitchcock film "The Birds".  The lunch menu is being arranged, more information to follow.

August 14th:  Carmel by the Sea Concourse
Downtown Carmel will feature 130 classic cars

August 14-15th:  Automobilia
Embassy Suites Hotel in Seaside will have vendors selling original car-related memorabilia

August 16-19th:  Monterey Historic Races, AMOC Annual Dinner, and Lunch at the Track
As usual, Larry Davis will be sending out information regarding the arrangements for the club annual dinner, and lunch at Laguna Seca Raceway.  There are also a number of events not sponsored by AMOC throughout that week in Monterey.  Some offer discounts for early purchase of tickets (i.e. end of February), and some sell only a limited number of tickets.  Aston Martin is supposed to be featured at Pebble Beach this year, though no information is yet available on their web-site.

August 24-26th:  Indy Car Racing and Grand Prix Historic Races at Infineon (Sears Point)                  Raceway             
Historic Grand Prix cars are part of the schedule of events during a weekend of Indy car racing at Sears Point raceway.  More information is available at

September 9th:  Palo Alto British Car Meet
This event invites owners of all British marques to come and park their cars in El Camino Park and enjoy a day of all things British.  Last year there were around eleven Astons present, most of those belonging to AMOC members.  This date falls on a Sunday, the preceding day (Sept. there is usually a rally from the park to Half Moon Bay.

September 30th:  Danville Concourse     
This event is growing rapidly and invites you to come and park your Aston on the streets of Danville, along with other exotics.  There is an entry fee, which goes to benefit the Parkinson's Institute.  The featured guest from 2006, former world champion and Le Mans winner Phil Hill, is expected to return in 2007.  Information will soon be available on their web-site:

October 7th:  Niello Concourse at Serrano
This is a first rate concourse on the Serrano Golf Course in the Sacramento Area.  More information is available at

October 19-20th:  American Le Mans Series and AMOC post-race dinner   
Aston Martin Racing is expected to return to Laguna Seca to compete in the American Le Mans Series.  Once AMR have sorted out what they will offer in the way of a hospitality package, I will see what the club can offer as well.  There will be a post-race club dinner at a restaurant (yet to be chosen) close to the track.  Details will be forwarded as they become available.  Note that AMR should also be making an appearance in the ALMS scheduled for Long Beach, April 13-15th.

December 1st:  AMOC North Holiday Dinner
The date and time are yet to be determined.  Details will be forwarded as they become available.

A happy new year to all.

Kind regards,

George Wood
Northern California Co-representative
Aston Martin Owners Club 
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