Aethera Nobis
For those of us who live in the Northwest of the United States, I'm working with fellow AMOC members and enthusiasts to create some events for us to enjoy in the local area.  We've created a website to help organize things, tried some ideas last year, and are working to build on that for 2020 and beyond.  

Our first event this year is a Car Clinic/Tips and Tricks/Behind the Scenes tour at 9:00 on Saturday Feb 22nd and the Park Place Aston Martin Service Center in Bellevue WA.  We have some drives, a Bond Movie event, and more in planning stages -and we welcome fellow AMOC members ideas.

A good way to keep up with the latest activities is to join our Facebook group, Pacific NW Aston Martin Owners.  Feel free to contact me directly or join us, we are looking forward to growing the AMOC in the Northwest!

Chris Webber
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