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john curtis
So, tell all please......................
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Just that DB enjoyed the whole experience, chased the actresses and generally lived the life of a man of his times! It does go some way to explain why AM rode out some criticism in the press at the time, as they were more focussed on making the film than racing.
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Patrick 17367
Reminds me of the late French President François Mittérand when it became known that he had a daughter with his mistress (while still being married to his wife of course). He said the immortal words: "Et alors?" ("So what?" when asked about the issue by journalists and got away with it. Typically French in that they consider these issues rather private and not really dramatic as long as the chap concerned is doing his job the way he should be doing it. Rather painful for his wife, though.

Anyway, nice one of DB

I shall try and be in the UK for one of the next film nights, because I would love to join in.
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