The Mountain Area's first annual semi-formal dinner was held Saturday evening September 22 at Flatz, in the Broomfield Renaissance Marriott, coincidentally on the Fall equinox.

21 people attended the event, including special guests Jack and Penny TerHar, owners of the local AML dealership (with the new Vantage).  It was a fabulous evening - great food and libations, great conversation, and a fascinating talk by Jack about his perspective on the car business.

The only issue is that I forgot to take pictures of the group, but at least there were good shots of the Astons to be had. Those who are observant will notice a Rolls-Royce trying to pass itself off as a Lagonda - but who can blame a lesser marque trying to benefit from the aura of such a stellar lineup

20180922_182334.jpg  20180922_182458.jpg  20180922_182524.jpg  20180922_182644.jpg Cheers,

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