At a recent AMOC meeting, the subject of Fort Belvedere and its past associations with the Club came up.

The late Hon. Gerald Lascelles, younger son of the daughter of King George V, was for many years the tenant of the property (which is located on the edge of Windsor Great Park). It seems that Lascelles, who was chairman of the BRDC until 1991, was a good friend of AMOC, allowing us to hold a number of concours meetings in the lovely grounds of Fort Belvedere on a number of occasions. It may be that some members will recall attending such an event?

Anyway, this post is really an enquiry about the current position. A Google search reveals that in 1976 the Amir of Dubai was tenant, but that more recently the house is said to have been home to Galen Weston, the Canadian owner of Fortnum and Mason PLC.

Does anyone know who is the current tenant? Are there any continuing motoring / motor racing connections?
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