This advice below is aimed at those that are new to forums, or do not post often.  The advice is to try keep posts polite, short, on topic and easier to follow. Below are are a few simple points of forum etiquette that have been found to help, on this and other forum.  

Please make sure that your message topics fit the description of the forum category in use.  Moderators will check that that post are categorised correctly and move them if not.  

Please do not quote the entire message that you're responding to, only the pertinent bit (use the ‘quote’ option). 

Please do not post entire messages in CAPITALS, this is seen as shouting in on line posts. Try not to use excessive 'text speak', or unnecessary formatting. 

Please try to avoid posting new problems on someone else's thread and interrupting a topic of discussion. Start your own new topic.

Please try to keep the threads on topic, we all know this can be difficult.  It helps if you read the whole thread rather than just the last few replies.

Please avoid excessive banter in technical topics, it makes them harder to search when a members is looking for technical help.

Please do not start post just to be critical of other members or their posts. If you are unhappy with another post or with the conduct of a member, please use the advice in the ‘Report Abuse’ topic. 

If you are attaching a document then please use pdf format if possible.  The output of your word processor or spreadsheet (including docx) may not format correctly in another users computer. 

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