We now have a full program of AMOC events in place for Monterey in 2010...

    Thursday August 12th

        Drinks Reception at Spanish Bay (6pm – 8 pm)

    Friday August 13th

        BBQ at Casa Munras Hotel (6pm - 9pm)

    Saturday August 14th

        Corral and Lunch at Laguna Seca (9am - 4pm)
        Champagne at Casa Munras Hotel (6pm – 7:30pm)
        Banquet Dinner at Fandango Restaurant (8pm - 10pm)

For more information, please contact Guy Simpson
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AMOC Section West,

We only have a few rooms left in our allocation at the Casa Munras Hotel for the Monterey (August 12-. The deadline to receive the preferential AMOC rate is July 1st, 2010.

Rooms may be booked using the attached form by fax, by phone on ( 375-2411 quoting the Aston Martin booking code  “GCCV10” or online at the following link...

Best regards,

Guy Simpson
Trevor Candler
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