John Purser
Heads up for  the display at the 'Ignition' Festival.
8 Members' cars.
A lot of club, F1, SuperCar etc displays.
Open Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
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Big thanks to John, Anne Wright and Marc Aylott for helping out yesterday when we were getting the AMOC Area 19 stand ready.

Busy day today and expecting around 10,000 visitors tomorrow and again on Sunday (hopefully not all to the AMOC stand). The Stig was doing demo laps in a DB11 (and wrecking a set of tyres), GT8 also doing laps, Mark Webber in Le Mans Porsche, David Coulthard in Red Bull F1 car, Jimmy McRae driving Colin's WRC winning Subaru, Group B rally cars, off road area, touring cars, Japspeed drifting team, Top Gear stunt team, karting, club stands, manufacturer stands and more.

Likely to become an annual event.
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