The Maserati forum had the 21st Nov booked with 25 cars, however Goodwood double booked and we have now been left with Friday 20th instead and only 11 cars confirmed so far.

As a gesture of goodwill, they agreed to charge us no more than it would have been if there were 25 on track, so £183 for open pit lane, instruction another £25-30 odd. 98dB day.

11 cars sounds great in theory but we are mainly driving big heavy GTs so are unlikely to spend more than 15mins/hr on track - this leave a LOT of room!

Anyone fancy a short notice track day? It has been described as a 'gentlemen's track-day so no nutters please 

Please PM me if interested. I will be driving my Maser but did a track day in my 7 Vantage a couple of weekends back and it was amazing. If you haven't done it, this is a great chance to really know your car in a safe environment with like-minded people.
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