Nick Duckworth
I want to buy tickets for Sunday 24th of June but I'm not familiar with the circuit other than looking at a map.  Does anyone know which the best stands are?  Molcom Corner looks noisy and interesting.....

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Tim M
I've never been but I think Molecomb is where a lot of the drivers stop and then 'Burn Rubber' big time.
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Morning Nick & Tim,
Yes Molecomb is one of the better places to watch.
If you are expecting a "circuit" you may be a little disappointed. It is just a run up LM's drive.
I feel it has all become a bit corporate and canapes.

To see lots more brilliant historic cars with proper paint swapping action the Goodwood revival meeting is the one to go for. You see the cars a lot more than once, doing what they were built for, fantastic.

If you dust off an old uniform or find a set of white overalls, it is access all areas. Which is just magical, that is before you add a handful of Spitfires, Mustangs and a Lancaster (they are planes driven by fly boys, not old cars!) which certainly stir the soul.

Only my opinion but as you know I am always willing to share it!
Perhaps I will see you there Nick, but hope to see you when you return to our green (read wet) and pleasant land (read the odd break in the rain).
Hope to see you there
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I have to agree with Dom in this one, have been to the Festival of Speed, which is well worth a visit, but the Revival meeting is absolutely brilliant.

It's quite expensive and I would imagine the seeting is all sold out, certainly for the Sunday and the chicane and start line grandstands. It's on from 31st August to 2nd September.

It's worth getting there early as there is plenty to see and do, and be prepared to take a long time getting out, you could always stay around for a while after the racing has finished, there's plenty to do.

Parking is plentiful but a bit of a walk away unless like me, you are a GRRC member, when it's a slightly shorter walk away. The car park is packed with interesting cars though.
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Nick Duckworth
Many thanks guys, comments noted and I will act upon them.  Will go to the Festival of Speed as I know I'll be home when it happens.  I did recieve a some similar comments about the Revival from a friend who races there but I'm not sure if I'm around in September just yet.

Gutted that I'll be missing the AMOC meeting and the motor museum (I can't spell Beaulieu).

Looking forward the the green & pleasant land Dom, and the Blue and noisy V12!

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as a member of GRRC ( 2 year waiting list now!!)

everything at goodwood is well done and great - i just love it revival or FOS or any event - love the track - the house - the horse racing - real proper quality venue  with class - but im biased !
even the senery is something else there - oh and the aerodrome!
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Nick Duckworth
Right, that's it..............I'm off to buy tickets.  Consider them sold to the guy with the credit card!
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