Great day out yesterday (if somewhat hot!) I couldn't do justice to the number of cars on display but here are a few pics. IMG_1582.jpg  IMG_1584.jpg  IMG_1586.jpg  IMG_1590.jpg  IMG_1597.jpg  IMG_1600.jpg  IMG_1611.jpg  IMG_1612.jpg  IMG_1613.jpg  IMG_1618.jpg  IMG_1621.jpg  IMG_1630.jpg  IMG_1631.jpg  IMG_1633.jpg  IMG_1644.jpg
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And here's one of our Club Chairman, Anne Reed, admiring the interior of Jeremy Hackett's Rapide. IMG_6764.jpg 
Photographer also gets in the shot!
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The old and the new 

Still burning hydrocarbons just for fun! 

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Nice pics, thanks for posting
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