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I suppose that those of us who are grumpy old gits will never find things as good as they used to be but it was refreshing to see the result of sending two young faces there last weekend.

A local young lad of twenty and his friend had tickets and  were desperately looking for and old classic to take but with a week to go they had very long faces.  As it was his 21st coming up I resurrected the old  1973 MG Midget which had not seen daylight since 2006.
It passed its MOT needing just new brake flexis, they polished it up in gleaming white and off they went.  212 miles and five hours later it arrived at the campsite at Goodwood  (powered by all that enthusiasm!)
He surprised me by managing to insure it for a week for £20

They came back with the biggest smiles on their faces after two days camping and many adventures and stories to tell.  They thought that it was all wonderful, the weather of course being the icing on the cake.  I have yet to see the photos of interesting Astons and other exotics which was their part of the deal.

I reminded me of my old dog who has seen it all and nothing much can excite her at 15 years but just look at the neighbours puppy dancing about finding wonder in everything from bumble bees to toads!
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I think that since buying the Aston a bit of the puppy has been resurrected in me and I’m a very old dog!
Goodwood is definitely on my to do list after it being recommended to me a couple of time this year.
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