Aston Martin celebration of 70 years at Goodwood. The six limited Vantage Heritage Racing Astons. 20190704_063631.jpg  20190704_063640.jpg  20190704_063714.jpg  20190704_063722.jpg  20190704_063729.jpg  20190704_063736.jpg  20190704_063746.jpg  20190704_064345.jpg  20190704_064414.jpg  20190704_064423.jpg  20190704_064440.jpg  20190704_064456.jpg  20190704_064518.jpg  20190704_064530.jpg  20190704_064903.jpg  20190704_064926.jpg  20190704_065227.jpg  20190704_070314.jpg  20190704_070410.jpg  20190704_070856.jpg  20190704_071307.jpg  20190704_071310.jpg  20190704_071323.jpg  20190704_071328.jpg  20190704_071418.jpg  20190704_071426.jpg  20190704_103704.jpg  20190704_103742.jpg  20190704_110124.jpg  20190704_110130.jpg  20190704_110139.jpg  20190704_110153.jpg  20190704_110200.jpg  20190704_110212.jpg 
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Great story, Great pics 
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Adamska Haven
Thanks a bunch for this pictorial series, the modern Zagatos are a sight to behold 🙂. Cheers!
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Great pictures, thanks for putting them up.
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Area 9 North West England
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Great photos!  Here’s some of the centrepiece - I’ll post some more once I’ve had the chance to process them in Lightroom.

4B737281-C355-4F19-B7A7-401EEB042B8A.jpeg  B18C261E-DE85-427D-A65B-EEA90940A287.jpeg  E48EF143-AB31-40DA-8B3D-9C739E4B743B.jpeg 
ATB. George
(Area 7)
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