Cartier Style Et Luxe - Aston Martin class for cars powered by Tadek Marek designed V8 Engine. 20190705_065806.jpg  20190705_065858.jpg  20190705_065921.jpg  20190705_070026.jpg  20190705_070056.jpg  20190705_070147.jpg  20190705_070242.jpg  20190705_070258.jpg  20190705_070605.jpg  20190705_070633.jpg  20190705_070706.jpg  20190705_070721.jpg  20190705_070730.jpg  20190705_070756.jpg  20190707_070155.jpg  20190707_070433.jpg  20190707_071048.jpg  20190707_071101.jpg  20190707_071123.jpg  20190707_072329.jpg  20190707_073632.jpg  20190707_073642.jpg  20190707_073744.jpg 
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Vanquish Rider
Fantastic picture post. Thank you

Life Begins Outside Your Comfort Zone
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Fabulous photos Ian - best set to make it to the internet ðŸ‘ŒðŸ™Œ
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