Nick Duckworth
I'm not here to advertise, I've been on the opposite side of the coin for the last week desperately seeking accommodation for the Revival.  The whole of Sussex is all but fully booked, many hotels and B&B's were already booked last year, little did I realise.

Anyway, for anyone who's currently undergoing the struggle that I've just been through, I've just found a place that opened for business only today and I've booked 3 of the 6 rooms they have available for that weekend.

Willow Barns is located in the village of Graffham near Petworth, 1 mile north of the South Downs Walk and approximately 12 miles from Goodwood.  It's a gathering of renovated barns in a horseshoe around a central courtyard.
Amanda on 01798 867291

For anyone who's in the same desperate situation I was, there's 3 rooms left and it would be great to be joined by some more AM people.
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There is  now only one room left as we have just booked two of them for Fri & Sat night. I apologise in advance for the fact our friends drive and Audi TT  I shall ask them to park in a discrete fashion :-[
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Nick Duckworth
Look forward to seeing you there, I believe there is an Audi TT car park is in the neighbouring village!
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The Audi TT reminds me of the DB7 gathering ;D.

How's the course going?


DB7 the model that saved the marque.
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Nick Duckworth
Hi Paul.

The jump between security to business risk management and business continuity is very large yet crucially important to recognise, so it seems.

We've just had a talk with two guys from one of the countries leading business risk management consultancies and it's pretty heady stuff.  I've just had to phone the other half up to find out what day of the week it is!

The DB7 weekend feels like such a long time ago already but it's been good to look at the photos from the links.

Hope you had a safe trip home.
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