20190913_064817.jpg  Goodwood Motor Circuit 06.50 Friday.
20190913_090828.jpg  20190913_091252.jpg  Darren Turner being interviewed.20190913_104224.jpg  The Bonham Auction.20190913_153911.jpg  20190913_154421.jpg  
1959 RAC TT Demonstration. DBR 1 driven by Darren Turner
20190913_172957.jpg  20190913_175903.jpg  20190913_191348.jpg  Two DBR 1's and A DB3S in the paddock.20190914_091120.jpg  20190914_114236.jpg  
RAC TT Demonstration, even down to the fire in the Aston Martin pit !20190914_114325.jpg  20190914_122735.jpg  20190914_123324.jpg 
The Duke of Richmond starts up the DBR1 ready for the track moment and parade - Sir Stirling Moss Celebration for his 90th Birthday next Tuesday 20190914_124454.jpg  20190914_125104.jpg  20190913_065205.jpg  20190913_070417.jpg  20190913_072604.jpg  20190913_090126.jpg 
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Lovely set of photos. Thank you
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Great photos
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Thanks for sharing those nice pictures !
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Lord Rowley
Thank you Ian. 👍
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WOW. Wonderful photos. I will be looking at these time and time again. A great record for someone who couldn’t be there. A pilchard hardly seems enough.

thank you.
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Thanks Ian. Great set of pics. 
Kindest regards.

Chris F
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