As AMOC put in a new membership system, access to the Forum will be changed.
AMOC members will have full access.
Non-members will have limited access that allows them to see examples of what is inside but that is all.

AMOC as an organisation provides member benefits in a number of ways;

  • Publications
  • Membership of AMOC
  • Social via Areas and centrally organised events
  • The Forum
  • The Shop
Every member probably derives their benefits in a different blend of these. Some are happy with (say) just the publications. Others with just the Area Meetings. Others ascribe considerable value to the Forum which is an invaluable source of information and help to Aston owners. It is run by the Club and many members give considerable amounts of time to putting information on it. We may, in the future, actually put more organised effort into it to better present and index what is there.

What has happened to date is that people have joined the Club and then, when their Membership lapses, have continued to use the Forum. This has not been policed  but will now be done. We have simply advised those who are not paying Membership fees that this will change when the new IT system comes in. 

The intention with the new IT upgrade is not to blank people off from the Forum completely but to restrict what Non-Members can see and encourage them to join the Club to get the benefits.
The Forum would still be a marketing tool but, if people want to access its value then they need to join the Club and pay like the rest of us.
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