Hello everyone.

Due to work commitments I only managed to get to the Snetterton race meet last year which I intend to rectify by getting to all of them this year. Looking through the events leaflet it says there are parade laps at each of the AMOC races this year. How do I go about putting my name down to take part in the parade lap?

Many thanks,

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If you look at the entries for those events on the website, entry forms should be there. If they are not contact Anne Wright at Club HQ
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Hello Nigel

You can just turn up at any of the race meetings, sign an indemnity form at Race Control and be ready to go out at the agreed time.

At Brands Hatch, there is likely to be a parade only on the Saturday.

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Thank you very much
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can the circuits will allow the parade lap drivers go round a bit faster this year than they did last year at Brands, and even get a couple of laps in?
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John Purser
The Brands parade was more than slightly upset by this and be ready to go out at the agreed time not happening.
That made it impossible to get the other lap(s) in.

The speed, I do agree, is painful to accept but it's the circuit that dictates it.
There have been incidents (not just AMOC) they don't want repeated.
Innocent suffer with guilty.
The argument is, if you want to go fast, book a track day.
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