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It depends what happens with my investments. Could just be a Jaguar I'm afraid. Really annoying as there is a GT near me in Harrogate with my name on it. Only need the cash to buy  and run it. £45M would have helped!
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So you weren't one of them lucky people?
......there's always next week.

(nothing wrong with a Jag!)
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Afraid not. Must move to Wales.

Gareth, will be happy to help you organise next year if you decide to do anything.
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gareth1011 wrote:

Thanks chaps.

It's all coming back to me now, the stress, the worrying, the rain. But then again, the fun and the pleasure of meeting other members, the kind comments.

Will I be foolish enough to do it again?

Who knows?
A very good write up Gareth, a fitting account of a very enjoyable day, waiting for the dates in 2010
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