Rather than reply to all the emails/PMs etc I've had re. Quantum of Solace prem it looks like there aren't the usual allocation I can get via the charities/advertising packs etc
I believe Sony have taken all the tickets and are donating separately to the charities (both for British armed forces,The British Legion and Heroes ).
It ISN'T the Royal prem but Prince William and Harry are attending.
It's just one theatre/cinema this time not three as per Casino Royale.
It's 29th Oct if anyone wanted to go and watch the guests anyway.
Probably be one of the DBS's outside as well.
WARNING: Be very careful of internet/touts this time round as each ticket is a properly invited guest............
Last time as well certain 'millionaire members clubs advertised packages' and as I said to certain AM members beforehand they couldn't deliver.
If anyone is mad on Bond there are a couple of QOS items legally obtained that aren't available in shops etc.
PM me though so I can point you in the right direction.
Deffo go see Quantum of Solace even if you aren't a Bond fan.
This has the best chase and driving of an Aston you'll have seen before.
Harry Potter IS the Royal Prem and is supposed to the three theatres like Casino Royale was.
Looking like next July now sadly.
Usual channels looking ok for tickets.
By the way I know Harry Potter has nothing to do with Astons but as it is the Royal prem this time I'm giving the info to all concerned in one hit.
Many on the forum seem interested in the Bond films and 'car' movies with the best ones made in the 60's and 70's.
It's the 40 year anniversary of Bullitt this year and a few special things have happened.
If anyone is interested in Bullitt send me a PM.
One of the original 390GT's does still exist by the way unrestored.....
Ford have done a 2008 Mustang which is nothing like a standard Mustang V8.
The exhaust has been tuned from the DVD of Bullitt to reproduce the exhaust note of the 1968 car..........
We've just been comparing the exhaust notes of a sports exhaust 1989 V8 Vantage,2008 Bullitt Mustang and a 2008 V8 Vantage.......
Aston came 1st......and 3rd.......!!!!!!
For those going to the Ace cafe for the 70th anniversary on Sept 14th  for the run to Brighton we've decided to use a Bullitt Mustang for that!!!!
I'll have Caron Gardner(from The Saint etc) with me as mentioned before.
Re. Sir Roger Moore he'll be on TV a lot in October promoting his new book.
If anybody wants a dedicated signed one I can get a limited number.
Re. The Return of The Saint it's 30 years old in September and Ian Ogilvy is 90% coming over from L.A.
I've agreed to show the white Jaguar XJS from the series for the FIRST time since 1991 in public at a show in Milton Keynes (end of Sept)if anyone wants to seehim and the Jag.
Show me your AMOC card or PM me beforehand and I'll make sure you get to sit in it etc in case they lock it up(I know you'll have to pay for Ian's autograph as the organisers charge)   
Ian is going to be re-united with it for the first time since filming ended.
The passenger sun visor is now signed by Bob Baker who was responsible for the Roger Moore Saint/The Persuaders/Return of the Saint tv series and hopefully Ian will sign the other one.
There is a page on the Jaguar(and the Volvo's etc) at http://www.saint.org-still needs a bit of updating to be 100% accurate but there's some nice pics of her on there.
For those interested it was the offical car given by Jaguar to the show and was a prototype built in 1975 with a manual gearbox and a unique blueprinted engine and suspension that was more powerful and rortier than the production car plus stiffer suspension.The sunroof is unique at that age and the film crew wanted that one as the manual was better for stunts and they could mount the camera through the sunroof.
There are two other cars used which are supposedly no longer in existence.
Both are auto's, one was the 2nd unit car for filming long shots and the other has a black interior which was used for filmimg in Italy.
The Italian one ended up in a ditch smashed up.............
Peter Nelson who owns the Cars of the Stars and has some Astons is looking at expanding so that he can put on a permanent display of Bond cars.
Last time I looked I think he has got a replica Goldfinger DB5,the hero Goldeneye DB5,one of the 2 OHMSS DBS 6,one of the Living Daylights V8's that drives
and a hero Vanquish from Die Another Day plus about 15 more Bond cars and loads of props.
Not sure if any of those got sold on when he had a clear out.
Finally does anyone knows of the fate of the yellow Aston Martin DBS 6 used in The New Avengers episode The Midas Touch?
It is on false plates and changes at the end of the chase to an Audi 100 Coupe-even for interior shots?
Be grateful for any news.
Also if anyone has seen Steed's Big Cat Jaguar XJ12C reg no NWK60P since 1991 would they PM me pls.
The last known person to see it from what I can gather is....er....me!!
I sat in it in 1991 when it had been stuck in a compound in Stockport (it's now Lamborghini Manchester-was Hollingdrake Jaguar)after an repair bill wasn't paid.
I can't trace it since then.
Again be grateful for news on it.
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