hello everyone ,my wife as chairperson of the ptfa at our local primary school is organising a charity ball based on a james bond theme to try and raise money for our school which was recently the target of an arson attack .We are looking for an aston martin which we could park inside at the hilton hotel in Bradford and the vehicle would then be cordon off to stop the vehicle been touched ,this we think would be a fantastic focal point and add great interest in the event ,so if any of you members think you could help us out please email us or give me a call on 07933 47 48 48 ,many thanks Andrew Baxter 
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Hi Andrew. Might be worth contacting the club direct. They keep a record of owners who do events such as this, so should be able to put you in touch with someone. I take it you are talking about Bradford in West Yorks? Also useful to know the date.
Cheers, Geoff
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