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In order to give this a quick shot of publicity, I post this invitation from Harri Asunta :
one small point, the KAK (Swedish version of the RAC) have regretfully decided to cancel the Rally to the Midnight Sun mentioned below. I await clarification because it was still 'up' on the KAK website.
If you haven't experienced motoring in the Nordic/Scandinavian countries, you would not be disappointed by the open roads, sparse traffic, scenery and hospitality (which must be balanced against Gatsos, a strict line on drivers and alcohol and the occasional wandering moose.) 

Dear fellow Astonists,

Greetings from the north-eastern corner of Europe, isolated by Icelandic ashes more than any other country at the moment.

We haven't had many international entrants yet for this event, but since the events are annual and locally well-established they are sure to be a success in any case. No deadlines are set and last-minute arrangements are our speciality.

For those participating in the Swedish Midnattsolsrallyt with our friends on the other side of the pond and driving all the way to Kiruna, it's possible to drive directly to Helsinki from there but I would recommend taking an overnight car train from Oulu to Helsinki instead.

It's also possible to join the Rally Storico from Helsinki arriving by train either on Friday or Saturday morning, or skip the driving part and arrive directly to Turku. The ferries from Stockholm come to both destinations.

On Saturday 19/6 from 9:00 there's a gathering called Sportscar Breakfast Club in Paippis Motor Cafe; We start from there at 10:00 and have lunch between 12:00-13:00; and continue driving via King's Road to Turku; There's a couple of hotels to choose from in Turku, special prices agreed.

A dinner is arranged at a local sportscar club's premises, last year we had a famous tv chef preparing the meal.

The main concours event is about 30 minutes drive from the centre in the island of Kakskerta on Sunday 20/6

Please don't hesitate to call me if you have any questions or need help with the arrangements. Hope to see you at the events.

Kind regards and let's raise a toast to 75 years of AMOC!

Harri Asunta
AMOC Finland Area Representative
tel. +358-400-843600
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