From Ross Bederman

Greetings, my fellow Lagonda friends. This past Sunday, I entered my series IV, 13630 at the last minute at the Americana Manhassset Concours. It was a sunny, picture perfect day. Over 200 of the best cars were on display, including many celebrity and one-offs. The thought of winning was not even remote in my mind. I had doubts that I would even be able to be registered, but took a chance by arriving at 7:30 in the morning well before most other cars. I was determined to not take no for an answer, but to my surprise, I was given all registration materials, a VIP pass and direction to proceed to the display area. I was fortunate to have been placed in the shade, but just in front of Hermes. Needless to say, my wife was eager to join me. Having parked in the vicinity of other very shiny Astons, including a Best in Class DB5, I was humbled. Autosport Designs, was one of the sponsors, at the show. Tom Papadopoulos, a long time friend and mentor was on hand along with his entire staff. As 2 o'clock in the afternoon rolled around, a young man placed a large sign on my windshield with a number 15 and told me to proceed to the registration area in a formation behind other winners. Then, one by one cars were announced as they rolled over a red carpeted area past grandstands and photographic flashes. As my car was announced a best of class winnner (1979-, I was overtaken by emotion, my wife Iana by my side. A Tiffany & Co. pale blue box with a crystal trophy was presented to me. Later in the afternoon Iana and I toasted with some bubbly to commemorate this very special day. The only damper was discovery that a Lagonda emblem fell off the left rear wheel. I suppose worse things have happened with Lagondas. Very happy to share this news with all. Anyone interested can view the award presentations on YOU TUBE.

Roger I
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I was there -- your car looked great. Congratulations!
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