John Purser
FWIW, this came from DFDS as a promotion on the Dover Calais or Dover Dunkirk routes.
It does not list a 'not available' on the Le Mans weekend.

20% discount is available on selected dates and times.
Offer not available on the following dates:
27, 28 March,
3, 18, 19 April,
22, 23, 30, 31 May,
23, 24, 25, 31 July,
1 22, 23, 29, 30, 31 August,
1, 2 September 2015.
Book by 23 March for travel up to 11 December 2015.
Offer is available on single or return bookings only for cars and up to 9 people and motorcycles/motorcycles with side cars with up to 2 people.
DFDS Seaways promotional and general terms & conditions of travel apply.
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Doctor Houx
This post got my interest as a long term LM participant........annually since 1986 (actually have missed 2 since then due to unplanned events).

Thought this may relate to some AMOC activities at the event, similar to the Le Chartre meets of recent years in 09, 11 & 13?  Does anyone know if anything is being planned for the Friday?  If not, now that the Hotel de France has been purchased by a British motor racing enthusiast from the Pasteau family, it will be worth a drive down there anyway!
"Racing is life; everything that happens before or after is just waiting."
Steve McQueen.

Frank H. Area 14 (Norfolk) and Le Mans, France.
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John Purser
To the best of my knowledge, nothing formal, but many members go and David Wright has been the link to La Chartre.
However, he is not a regular 'poster'.
It clashes with the Brooklands Double Twelve, which is a pity : we need more weekends to cram all these things in.
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