3rd year camping at Le Mans  (also done 3 classics). I have stayed at 1st tickets Bleu Nord and visited Premier Vert but mainly stay by Porsche Curves (Lycian Events) as has British beer in £ bar and trackside viewing but getting in and out was a bit muddy and dusty this year.

Be good to hear other members opinions on Premier Vert and Bleu Nord or other camping options. Does premier Vert now have glamping/camper vans and is food good and flexible? Plusses and minuses on staying at these sites would be good.
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Doctor Houx
My 33rd year camping at LM 2019 and I've been on just about every campsite around the circuit.  From the early days in the 80's on ACO Houx Annex with just a tent, a big queue for the loo and no showers, through Tribune, Houx, Maison Blanche and then onto private sites as I got old and soft with Speed Chills@ Bleu Sud, AMOC and PCGB ( Lycean - Village on the Curves).

IMO, nothing beats the Lycean village on the curves for facilties, catering, value for money, genuine care by Joy and her team and the brilliant viewing. Sure its a hike up to the Village and grandstands, but they run minibusses FOC.  Even better this year as Porsche opened their experience centre on the Ford Chicane with a free shuttle to/from their viewing area opposite the Lycean site.  That beats walking back @4AM!  

I now own an apartment opposite the Hotel de France in La Chartre Sur Le Loir, but still do camping on site for the Sat night to see the racing in the dark and the great atmosphere with a few beers and no driving afterwards.  Numbers were definitely down this year though, as the area by the Concert/Dunlop Bridge was much quieter than usual.  Views were that it was a combination of Brexit (largest number of visitors after the French are Brits) and the predictability of Toyota in LMP1 keeeping people away. Speed Chills cancelled their entire on site presence for 2019😧.   Bring on 2021 and the Hypercars with Valkyrie et al. ðŸ‘
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Vanquish Rider
As this event is very much turning into a biannual pilgrimage for me these days, I was wondering if anybody else European or Stateside is planning on visiting this amazing event for 2016? 

I stay at Chateau de Chanteloupe each time and highly recommend the experience there. Dominique, the proprietor, organises a Garden Party with a car show on the Friday. It always has a theme, this year, Silver & White. He provides the food and the wine (bubbles included). It is a great affair. The cost is very reasonable and the venue far, far superior to the circuit camping. Takes about 15 mins to drive in to the circuit and never had a traffic jam yet. The album below gives you a flavour for the weekend. 

Anyway, who will be going to the classic in 2016?


Le Mans Classic 2014

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