Is anyone planning to go to the Le Mans Classic and would like to meet up in the afternoon/early evening before the parades start?

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I am going to Le Mans for the Classic but can only make it for the Friday, which is the test day.

I expect to be parked in the Aston Martin area within the circuit between around 3pm and 6pm on the Friday afternoon - I plan to show my kids round the pits and the new village etc during this time.

If you would like to say "hello" my car is a Skye Silver Vanquish registration KE02 EWE.


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David Lewington
I'll be there with some American members that are coming over for it too.

How about 6pm on Saturday at the Champagne bar inside the circuit?
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Julian BW
Vinnie & I will be there, Champaine bar sounds spot on!

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