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Russell, how many crates of beer have you managed to get into the boot?
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Lord Brett Sinclair wrote:

Russell, how many crates of beer have you managed to get into the boot?

LBS, the seasoned LM camper buys his beer at the Carrefore Hypermarket near the old Pontleau corner as they have special offers before the race - and I think beer is cheaper in France as well.
Registrar of Cars, AMHT
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yes thats coals to newcastle. you take things you cant get in france but will need like: marmite, heinz beans and Viz.
24 hours in a day, 24 beers in a case, coincidence ? i think not.
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got this today by email

Hello All

Well, Will Presland has chased the ACO yet again and it now is going to be February before we hear anything. They have however confirmed that we will not be allocated the Houx site and it might be that we don’t get anything!! In light of this I have a plan B.

Through a contact I have reserved an area in the Bleu Nord site. This will be shared with two other Car Clubs but each Club will be fenced off. It is about a 10 minute walk to the circuit.

The provisional cost is £145 per person based on 2 in a car (if this does rise it will not be by very much) and includes general admission, water supply, showers, toilets, fencing, communal marquee & power.

I have optional Grandstand tickets ranging from £56.00. Please let me know if you want to go with this and I can then pay the deposit. If you have given me your Credit card number please give me a call as we now need the 3 digit number on the back as of last week. I neeed to know by end of week in order to secure the site.

etc what do we do now? From memory this is not a great spot...what do the others here think? Wait to find out what we have got or go for this site...?

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Nick Duckworth
I recieved the same email from Audrey this afternoon.  She has stated that she can get a large plot on Bleu Nord, that it would be shared with 2 other car clubs, and that the plots would be fenced off.  A 10 minute walk from the track it would seem.

Although preferable to get Le Houx it does look vague right now.  Nice to get it but tragic to go away empty handed and end up with nothing at all.

Having a quick look at the map, Bleu Nord has numbered plots, toilets and showers.  It's located on the outside of the track as opposed to the inside and doesn't seem too far to walk to the pits etc.  I'm not sure how faar you have to stumble when you come out of the champagne tent.  Looking at the prices for all of the sites, it is one of the cheapest and I suppose that tells a tale.

Bit stuck for options, Audrey seems to have got something definate, has anyone else?
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How can we have had this organised for so long and got bugger all?

£145 per person is bloody expensive when the plot is 76 Euros and entance tickets about 60 euros.  So it should be £145 per car of two people maximum, where is the other £145 going?Why so expensive?  What else are we getting?
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Andrew Ross
Thanks GWP I had read it as per car of 2 not per person. Not for me. I will take a chance that the ACO come up trumps. The problem is you only register an interest and then they make up there own mind. Rumor is that Houx has been swalowed up by corporate. Perhaps that nice chap at Stratstones might care to invite us as his guests.
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Andrew Ross
New list with votes for plan B

WilliamP                    R             No
Dixy                         R             No
Russell                     R
MCSV8                    R              No
Tunlaw                    R
Geewizzpip               R
RC Vantage
V8 Power                 R
Phillmw                    R                 
rick2                         R
gmclean                    R
NABV12                    R
NorfolkDB7                R
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Nick Duckworth
The price does indeed need to be clarified so I've just sent an email to Audrey.

With regard to the sites, most of them are already sold out.  Even Bleu Nord is listed as 'stocks exhausted'.  It might be the only camping option that left.

The description of the site reads:

Does not include entrance ticket.

Provided : Bathrooms - Showers

Services provided:
After booking a camping area, you have a 35 m2 space (7 m x 5 m) for the parking of a vehicle (car, motorbike, or camper) and a tent or caravan from Wednesday 11th June 9.00 am to Sunday 15th June 2008 included.
Your vehicle (car with a tent or caravan, motorbike or camper) must have the ticket bearing the name of the camping area.

Extra night (s):
Those wishing to camp on the night of Monday 09th June and/or Tuesday 10th June 2008 will have to pay the extra charge on their arrival at the site of 8 €

Buses and trucks are not allowed on the lay-by except exceptional dispensations.

Looks like this or nothing, unless there's a plan G!
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There seems to be a a bit of confusion which I'll try and clear up.

as you may recall, I asked for the ACO to reserve 20 camping tickets for Le mans 2008. I asked for Houx. This was done in writing during the 2007 race. Probably when it was raining outside...

I chose Houx as my prefereed campsite for the following reasons:

-in my opinion, the best location- close to everywhere, and a short walk from most of the viewing areas and fairground/village

-it is one of the few campsites with allocated spaces. In non-allocated capsites, you have to get ther early and cordon off a large area. Otherwise, there might not be any space for you. I have had this happen to me before, in houx annexe especially. The organisers are unwilling to do anything about this.

-Houx has electricity. With the other campsites, you have to bring a generator (which makes the campsites noisy). A generator is necessary to power music, and the fridge (cold beer/water is a must), hairdryers and straighteners for Claire, inspection lights for Virage owners, etc... With Houx, you just bring lots of cable and plug in. If we dont get Houx, who has a generator???

-Houx is a very civilised campsite, but close to the rowdy one if thats what you want. better for first timers

Their porces is to allocate spaces, send a letter and ask for money almost immediatly. This is why the AMOC asked for reservations in advace- when we do hear what they have allocated us, we need to pay almost immediatly

Anyhow, I spoke to the ACO early in January, and they said that "it is unlikely you will recive Houx tickets because:

-a football stadium is being built where Houx/ houx annexe currently is. So the campsites will be smaller
-you were a bit late with the request. Booking opened on June 6th, so you were 10 days late (!)
-you're not French, and in lieu of Peugeot not winning, we dont want Engligh in our best campsite (Ok, the last one I made up)

We wont know for sure where we will until they tell us, and they dont expect they will be able to tell us which campsite we will have sometime in february. That does not give us a long time.

So, Audrey very sensibly made an alternative arrangement which we all got the e-mail
about. This means we have a definite space, with the club and with two other car clubs. Hopefully they'll be Mk2 Corinta/ Hillman Hunter/ mercedes V8 fuel injection clubs so I'll be OK for spares when mine breaks down.

This means we have the following choices:

-go with Audrey's plan, which means we can guarantee a space, but at a higher cost then expected. And, at leats we will be together, in numbered spots so arriving late wont pose a problem- thats your space, period.

-wait for the ACO's allocation decision. I have asked for some possible second options, but we will only know for certain when we get the letter. They might give us an awful campsite miles from anywhere- or they might give us Houx. But, as I have explained the latter is unlikely and no-one can tell us where we will be. For the record, I asked for Houx Annexe, karting Nord and Blue Nord. We might not get either of these, of course

-go with someone like "just tickets", etc  who do not have Houx eiher (I have checked), and the ones they do have will obviously be more expensive

-buy your own tickets from Ebay

It is your choice whether to go with a certainty, or wait. Persoanlyl i have chosen the latter- I will wiat for the ACO's decision. But I cannot advise anyone else to do this as February is getting quite late to plan for other things

Lesson for the 2009 race: Even though its the 50th anniversary of our victory, saying we are the AMOC carried no water with them. So, I will try and find out when the booking opens and ask for an allocation at 00h01 on the day

Question: if we have no electricity, does anyone have a decent, quiet generator which can fit in the back of an Aston?

Seriosuly, I hope this helps clear things up. Any more questions, please ask
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I have a generator but cannot see that fitting in my DB7...and it is bloody noisy.

Any thoughts about switching to the Classic Le Mans later the following month? Or are we all set on the main event?
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That's a gret reply Will and thanks for the update.  However I assume we all want to be together and the current deal is twice the face price.  I await Audrey's reply as what we will get for our money.

Blue Nord seems OK, but not at £145 each.  I can stay i na great hotel for that.
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seems to have all gone quiet on this posting...any news on the camping yet?
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What's the latest Will?
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Keith, as I recall we still have a spare room in our hotel
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