I don't know if anyone else is going to Wembley for the Race of Champions on Sunday but they have just confirmed Lewis Hamilton will be appearing, not to race but to do a demonstration. It's probably a bit too late in the day to organise an official AMOC presence and all the normal tickets may now have gone but Brett Tonkyn and his team still have some hospitality left (or they did this morning). You can contact them on 0844 980 0038 or hospitality@wembleystadium.com

I'm certainly going and would love to meet up with any of you if you are doing the same.

Regards to all,

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Hi Dom,

As I understand it Lewis is going to demonstrate his 2008 F1 car ay Wembley.

He is also going to race Olympic cyclist Chris Hoy in a Mercedes road car, Hoy on a bike.

They will then be both taken to Liverpool for the Sports Personality of the Year awards.

On a personal note, car going very well and everyone seems to be enjoying it.
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Glad to hear you are continuing to enjoy the GT.

I have been told they may have added an extra race at the end of the ROC where a group of Boxers will be racing each other, and no, I do not think they are joking?!
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