The AMOC were represented by 10 Aston Martins at the 2018 Parade.

180101_London New Years Day Parade_Start_AReed.jpg    



Two minute video clip:


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Anne, thanks for the great pictures.

This post does remind me of one other issue that came up in my research.
How do people get selected for these events? I presume that there is likely, depending on the event, to be more offers than places.
It may be that there aren't enough volunteers but if AMOC are asked to provide cars for something like this and lots of people offer then is there a "system"?
For example:
  • Area Reps (the unpaid and unrewarded stalwarts of the Club) get first dibs
  • Then all other offers get put in a hat and drawn.
Interested to hear what others think.

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Nice, thanks for posting
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Looks like much better weather than 2017 when we went along to watch. Absolutely torrential rain that day! Well done to those that participated.
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rcfurse wrote:
...How do people get selected for these events?

Looks like you should have a red, white (silver) or blue car! Very patriotic...

p.s. Looks like they needed a red Aston that was older than the  DB5. [wink]

Still burning hydrocarbons just for fun! 

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We would like to keep the Gallery for photos only, so will respond to questions on Idling.

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