A few to images to start with
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First ones were RAC, Pall Mall, lunch stop at Stilton, checking in at York.

These are at National Railway Museum
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One of John Jacques, Robert Bamford’s grandson flagging off the first car from Pond Square, Highgate, 100 years (less 12 hours) to the day.
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Some Pictures from Pond Square;
IMG_2236.jpg  IMG_2237.jpg  IMG_2238.jpg  IMG_2242.jpg 
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I was able to join the Tour in Edinburgh. Here are some of my photos:

Marc Aylott, my daughter Tania, and I were the welcoming committee at the Edinburgh Hotel. With the help of the Porter, Shaun, we got luggage unloaded and batched 5 Astons for Marc to lead them round to the reserved NCP parking. 

20190607_160221.jpg  20190607_160845.jpg  20190607_161713.jpg  20190607_170926.jpg    
What a view from the hotel window.   20190607_174234.jpg
Dinner at Edinburgh Castle. The Master of Ceremonies was 'addressing the Haggis' and had us all laughing.   20190607_211615.jpg  20190607_211904.jpg  20190607_212012.jpg 
After dinner, we moved to the Great Hall to be greeted by this pipe and drum band.  20190607_234026.jpg
On Saturday, Aston Martin Edinburgh welcomed us.  I took advantage of the option to go for a test drive in the DBS Superleggera.
Saturday evening, on the Royal Yacht Britannia - champagne in the drawing room20190608_194928.jpg   
A tour of the ship - note the bell on the left.20190608_201524.jpg  20190608_201832.jpg 
Musical accompaniment in the drawing room20190608_202456.jpg  20190608_202531.jpg 
Some of the many family photographs on display20190608_202559.jpg 
The Queen's study - note the telephone!20190608_202732.jpg 
All the clocks are stopped at 3.01pm, which is when the Queen stepped off the ship for the last time.20190608_202905.jpg 
Dinner in the State Dining Room20190608_205802.jpg  20190608_205818.jpg  20190608_205857.jpg  20190608_205914.jpg
Dancing to the Swing Band finished the night off20190609_002455.jpg  20190609_002640.jpg
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Lord Rowley
Looks fabulous 👍
I didn’t realise there’d be so many attendees!

We are just back from celebrating Suzanne’s Parents’ Diamond Wedding Anniversary on an Adriatic cruise or we would have been amongst the “exalted throng”. Would have ticked several bucket lists points too: Edinburgh, Edinburgh Castle, Britannia and of course touring Blighty with our AMOC chums.👍

I have heard from friends who did go, that it was exceptionally well organised and executed - I suppose that must have been down to Christine Howson’s ability to commmunicate with the people north of the border. 😉
And Marc Aylott’s “sheepdog” skills.👍

Well done again, Christine & Marc.🥂

Anne, I love your point about the clocks.😉......” and Her Majesty disembarked and time stopped still”...😃

Absent Without Leave,
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M500 TOO
Yes excellent event  FACE514E-90F6-4641-BA10-42FCF70520EE.jpeg  5A4EA14E-B065-455D-BD9B-5E2EA4C95725.jpeg  0FB00707-3DE9-4A66-8790-3C0CC1340083.jpeg 
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