John Purser
Entries will be closing in mid March for what promises to a superb weekend event in
a quiet, yet easily reached part of France. Professionally organised, Jean-Philippe Gourraud
our Area Rep in France has lots of experience in motor sport. This is the ideal opportunity
to exercise your car in gentle competition. You can get via email entry forms from John Purser
(telephone 01787 248244 daytime, 377060 in the evening, or
or direct from Jean-Philippe on
Further details were in the November Newsheet. Afraid we can't get Bonnie Tyler involved ("you'll have to ask your father" will be one reply to 'who's that ?' !)

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Dear John

I have just posted a request in that part of this forum for finding a contact in the AMOC regarding this year's Circuit des Remparts at Angouleme. Would you perhaps be able to assist?
Many thanks
Nick Brimblecombe, The Grand Touring Club
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