During the past weekend (11 - 13 Jan) the annual MECC exhibition took place in Maastricht (NL). Aston Martin was the featured make this year. 28 cars from members were displayed. The display was great and presented in an excellent way the various models Aston produced through the years. A number of dealers/specialists augmented the display by bringing along a number of special cars as well (including a new Zagato) which were presented in the same hall as the AMOC display. Hats off for the people who organised and pulled it all together (Jan ten Cate and Aik Schouten to name some key persons), it must have taken considerable effort to get it all arranged.
The display ranged from the A3 to 2013 Vanquish including a Bond DB5 (from the Louwman collection) and the Atom as well. I added a few pictures I took, hopefully more pictures will be added by other members who visited the show to give a more complete view.

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Wow that's one fantastic display for a club stand... well done all concerned.
Still burning hydrocarbons just for fun! 

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And Harry's prototype Lagonda 13007

Roger I
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