I wonder if a few of us might like to organise a meet, say in the Essex, Herts, Cambs, Suffolk area. Just an informal meet organised by ourselves and not an AMOC meet.

And others can do their own meets in different parts of the country.

Maybe just for Virages - or perhaps for Newport Pagnell V8 cars together and something we can do on a regular or occassional basis. Mybe a national meet for the model once a year?

Maybe you do something like this already and I'm not aware of it as I'm the new boy.

Just a thought.
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Check out the VIAGRA thread in the Events section. Pictures here: The last AMQ (that I received) featured an article about that event too.
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There are a lot of meetings going on throughout the UK, both "official" AMOC meetings, and unofficial ones. There are also a number of race meetings- the last one of the year is at Donington this sunday.

There's nothing to stop you organising something for V8 owners, but if you want to join the club you'll be able to hear whats going on
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Quite a few go to the Essex AMOC meet, which is just outside Chelmsford and is very informal with good knowledgeable people.  Every first Wednesday, although with the dark cold nights probabaly not many cars now.
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