The AMOC Mid Summer Ball, superbly organised by John Glyde, was held at the prestigious Wentworth Golf Club on Friday the 15th July. Guests were met at the entrance to the venue by the sight of John's DB5 roped off to make a very suitable welcoming display. The car was looking much loved, very highly polished and was, at the time of my arrival, causing quite a stir and being very much admired by a group of some twelve or so Japanese golfers. From the amount of rain I suspect that they may have had to endure that afternoon this must have made their day on the course all the more worthwhile!



Once inside and enjoying the Champagne Taittinger reception, members mingled with friends and many made new acquaintances. It was clear from the very apparent hum of busy conversation everyone was in good spirits and looking forward to another special evening.


All too soon, we were called to dinner and entered the lovely ballroom. This is a most beautifully appointed room which not only has a wonderful gabled ceiling with some superb chandeliers but walls which are adorned with numerous paintings. The Ballroom was soon echoing to the sound of happy members all enjoying themselves.



We were seated at tables of ten, all of which had a splendid table-centre flower display and enjoyed a lovely four course meal and coffee together with wines. After a short welcoming speech by John Glyde, our Vice President Michael Urban thanked both John and his lovely wife Susan for their considerable efforts in organising the event.


Shortly after the speech, the dancing began. John had arranged for a live band and vocalist which soon had everyone on the dance floor and having a good time. The revelry continued until midnight, which seemed to arrive all too quickly - indeed someone may have even needed a gentle massage!


As a very active member of Area 21, John and Sue Glyde are well known for their organisational skills and again, as ever, if it is a "Glyde" production you can be assured of a good time - but remember, you had better get your name down early!

Well done and thank you both for your great effort and for a memorable evening.

Michael Miller, Deputy Chairman, SoCom.

July 2011.

Photos: Michael Miller.

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