As per my name here I own a GT, registered in June 2003.

I will be venturing into Cheshire this month for a couple of unrelated events however these events being open to the public make it ideal for any other Aston Owners in the area to pop along also and have a mini meet.

Nothing formal at all, just a quick hello, look around our cars, exchange the odd story, compare any production differences, brainstorm the odd irregularity if present... just something to pass a little time basically.

Venues I will be attending are as follows:

21st March from approx 11am onwards @ Arley Hall and Gardens, plenty of parking here so should be a good place to meet, it might also offer great photo op's for owners.

28th March from 12pm onwards @ Mottram Hall, again parking should be fine though can be a little strung out due to building layout.

So, there we go, I'll be there regardless but if anyone wants to pop along then show your interest here and we can maybe agree a time to meet on the car park as I'll be in and out of the main buildings at both venues during the day.

I'll probably be at each one for 3 - 4 hours so there is no strict time.

My car details:

Canna di Fucile Metallico
Two tone interior, Charcoal Black and Ivory(ish)

(blower fix, alarm fix and MP3 stereo fitted)
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John Purser
Why not contact Tony Armstrong, the Area Representative ?
Click on the map in AMOC UK on the main menu to link to him.
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