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I have read this thread with interest. Sadly Gillian and I were not able to be there this year (but will try and make it next year). I would like to thank Faye, George , John W and the rest of the team for making this event happen on behalf of AMOC. These events do not just happen - they take months of planning and organising by a dedicated group of enthusiastic volunteers and we all  owe them a huge debt of thanks. It is not going to be possible to please 100% of the people 100% of the time and I am saddened that one or two thought our stand was inadequate. Perhaps next year they would like to volunteer to help?

I would like to take this opportunity  to thank personally all those who manned the stand throughout the weekend. Your invaluable help made it happen and the vast majority of the reports I have had have been very positive.  JG
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