The forum provider is recommending we change to a more modern 'Theme'.  This will affect the way the forum looks, but not the content.

It will make the forum more user friendly, and add some extra features.
Topics can listed be by Latest, New, and likes.
The 'Add topic' and 'Reply' buttons are easier to find.

There are also some extra buttons for use by Moderators or Administrators that will be useful for us.

This forum, (with unlimited storage) is currently costing the club less than £150 per year. The upgrade is free, so there are no extra costs involved for the club.  
I would value some other input, so I will do a Conference call on Sunday evening at 7:30 pm  (19:30) *** Editted to correct my stupid mistake....

You will then be able help me chose the new look and feel.  It's not a long job, choosing colours and font sizes etc.

Just PM me and I will send a link to the conference call.  We will use to share my screen, but no video. (otherwise I have to look smart) but you do a need a good reliable broadband and a modern browser. 

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GaryU_2 wrote:
Sunday evening at 07:30
Indeed, so that'll be 19:30 Capt Mainwaring... [smile]
Still burning hydrocarbons just for fun! 

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Fortunately for me I will be in a place with sun but unreliable broadband - so will be with you in spirit only - hic!
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