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I did the trip in the first two weeks of May last year. As AndrewTh says no midges. Not too crowded but I did book accommodation 6 months in advance. Can give you an idea of places stayed, distances, and Google quoted driving time (as a guide). Also took the opportunity of a day trip from John o' Groats  to Orkney without the car!
North Buckinghamshire to Inverness; 543miles -10 hours driving, I took two overnights before getting there as I was in my 55 year old VolvoP1800S.
Inverness to Kinlochewe  for 2 night stay 51 miles -1hr 5min
Kinlochewe to Ullapool 76 miles 1 hr 53 mins
Ullapool to Betty Hill 137 miles 4hr 20mins
Betty Hill to John O'Groats  60 miles 1h 10mins
John O'Groats to Dornoch 70 miles 2 hours
Dornoch to Stirling 185 miles; 3 hr 23 mins
Stiriing to North Bucks 418 miles; 7 hours 25mins ( I took 2 days on this return run).
Total distance 1628 miles, Eve  in my P1800S that was quite a lot of fuel used.....

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M500 TOO
Many thx yes all info is good thx 
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