For those of you not on George's mailing list or just joined AMOC lately here's the scoop -

December 2nd, 2006 Saturday -

We start off with a docent-guided tour of the Blackhawk Auto Museum in Danville at 3:30 p.m., with a dinner in one of the adjoining restaurants, the "Blue Footed Booby Canoe Club", at 5 p.m.  Your dinner selections are Prime Rib ($40.00 apiece) Salmon ($36.00 apiece) or Mushroom Penne Pasta ($34 apiece).  Tax and Tip included in the above prices.  Money to be paid on the day of the event.  If you could let me know in advance how many are in your party and what your dinner selections are, the chef would greatly appreciate it.

Please email for more information/reservations

Directions to the Blackhawk Auto Museum -
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