I've been catching up with the exploits of aston member Roger Carey who is doing this rally in his DB 2/4 Mk III.  There is a wonderfull blog being completed by different members of the rally There is also a DB6 on the rally.

Roger is aiming to raise sponsorship to help disadvantaged children to become chartered surveyors.

You can “bet” on the following:

- Guess the exact total mileage Roger will cover from Panama City to Anchorage and donate minimum 1p per mile to enter. PS. He might get lost.

- Guess the total number of US gallons of petrol that Roger’s car will use – entry is £5

- Guess how many punctures Roger’s car will suffer – entry is £5

- Offer a ‘bonus’ of say £50 if Roger’s car completes the rally

The winners of the various sponsorship opportunities will  see the car at a future Aston Martin Owners Club race day (Donington) and will have a conducted drive around the circuit in a prepared race car.

How about we take up some of the challenges above and have an additional prize for the forum member with the closest guess.  Davron is providing the prize above and David is happy to do something extra for the forum winners.

You can find more details of the Charitable Trust on Roger has kicked off the fund raising effort with a personal donation of £2000. You can make a donation to the Trust via or if you wish, send a cheque direct payable to Chartered Surveyors Training Trust, Downstream Building, 1 London Bridge, London SE1 9BG.

I had hoped we could see the bids on the forum and keep changing them as the rally goes on but Webby tells me we can't.  You can send me your bids (and cheques) at

The car has recently undergone a complete restoration. If you are interested in the pictures, they are on the website under restorations. (Apologies, still can't get the url to take you directly to the right page!)

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