John Purser
A great success but I didn't spot Tim amongst the 200 guests so pictures may have to wait a while. Is there any one out there who can oblige ?
Jerry Rosenstock desrves all praise for the organisation and was brilliantly backed up by Guy Simpson and George Woods, the local Area Reps, wives and families.
It's a wonderful Aquarium, well worth a visit.
Next up is racing at Laguna Seca 150 plus are expected for lunch.
The weather here is unprecedented for August, we're being told. Clear blue sky at 06.30 rather than the cloud/fog that takes all morning to burn off.
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Hi John - I wasn't at the aquarium. I couldn't find anything suitable to wear - only t-shirts fit. So i gave up my ticket to an Italian lady (apparently)
Registrar of Cars, AMHT
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Here are some pictures from Monterey as Tim's broken arm would have hindered his ability to use that heavy camera!

Thursday's AMOC bbq was attended by about 175 people at Casa Munras, and despite the blustery, cold wind coming in from the sea people stayed outside by the pool past 9:30pm (that's when we left).  Friday's dinner at the aquarium had 200 people, and we were treated to a fish feeding in the kelp forest aquarium by the aquarium divers.  Lots of sponsors (UBS, Meguirs, Cole European, Silicon Valley Group, Yat Ming, Piloti, San Saba Vineyards, Auto Afficionado and some others) made the event possible and at a reasonable cost for members - plus attendees were treated to goodies bags filled with wine, hats, utility card, cleaning supplies and a magazine.  At Saturday's historic races/luncheon, Larry Davis announced the results of the board elections - the only change was that George Wood replaced Larry Fromm as a board member.  Again the luncheon was well attended with about 175 people and our corral was packed.  More updates coming!


Larry Davis with his cowboy hat

George Wood and Tim Cottingham

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