Hi to other Aussies on here.
I joined as a new AMOC member a couple of months ago, cannot seem to see anything about any events or activity of any sort here.
Obviously the last month or so (and a little while to come still) nothing could happen thanks to COVID, but it would be nice to know what/whom is about, when we're once again able...
Mark "Hollywood"
2009 V8 Vantage
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
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Hi Mark and welcome,

Hopefully you've reached out to the Brisbane/QLD club persons and had a response?
I'm over the other side of the country to you, but you have some fantastic roads and scenery to go use the car to its full potential and enjoy.
Did you own a (TR)iumph or is your forum name from something else? (had a TR6 before selling it a few years ago).

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Hello Mark,
Aussie AMOC members are all in shock as we were all intending to be in the last stages of preparing our Astons for the 29th AMOC National Meeting planned to commence next weekend in Victoria.   So much for the impact of COVID-19.  

Arthur Dugdale is the AMOC Area Rep for QLD.  His contact details are be listed in the various AMOC sites.

Tell him that Jim says "Hi" from Perth - where AndrewPa is also based.  Only a matter of 4000km away.  
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Thanks Gents
I'll try Arthur again, I had emailed when I first joined a few months back and heard nothing back.
"Tr", ha nothing as clever as that - it's the first two letters of my surname, I wasn't feeling particularly creative at the time I joined!
Proper shame about the national meeting. Given Australia has thus far undoubtedly been a world leader in containment of the virus, hopefully it won't be too long until such events can happen again!
Mark "Hollywood"
2009 V8 Vantage
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
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John Purser
The impact of Covid 19 on a country like the UK has been  similar to that on a continent like Europe
A country / continent like Oz where you 'socially isolate' because your back door may be 100m from your neighbours makes this very frustrating.
We'd all like to go somewhere in the cars but have been told we cannot.
if the weekend in Vic cannot happen, better it doesn't than at a later date someone can't be there because.... they can't.
Covid 19 is a very serious unknown. It usually attacks the older generation,
However, it can 'go manic' when attached to a young and healthy generation.
Antibodies don't work.
Friends die.
We cannot tell who are carriers.
And there is no tablet/injection which is a cure.
Better (in my view) to live to fight (enjoy) another day, than to have to say "what an S O D - but probably best left until next year / 6 months away / whatever the epidemiologists say is best".
Short term pain = long term pain of old friends and new unable to attend.
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I have had a depressing two days as my Outlook system keeps tells me that I have "missed" my various flights that would be taking me to Oz. After the huge amount of time and effort that must have gone into organising the National it must be doubly so for the Aussies who organised it.

I will be there next year God willing.
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