Hi  my name is Henry
i am 16  I joined the Owners club in december.
i went to my 1st AMOC meeting the other evening at lavendon with my dad   and saw some  fantastic cars!!!!
i  love Astons!!!     i did not get a chance to meet anyone  so i thought i would introduce myself.
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Welcome Henry. Sorry I didn't make Lavendon. Maybe next time.

Roger I
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Welcome Henry, well done on joining the club and attending an Area meeting.  Shame you didn't meet anyone.  How did that happen?
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I saw a few people but didnt have the guts to introduce myself !

How long would it take to re-spray a  1983 v8 i have a friend who owns 1 that has had a ground  up resto . . i clean it for her  and i dropped a few hints that it needed restoring and i havent seen it since !!!!
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A bare metal respray takes a minimum of 6-8 weeks, more if major body and chassis repairs are needed. Often you don't find these utnil the car is stripped down.
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henry you are missing the point, its an appreciation society, you dont have to own one. the thing we all have most in common is we love them, not that we have one in the garage.
pluck up the courage and introduce yourself and your dad, i am sure you will be suprised at the response.
24 hours in a day, 24 beers in a case, coincidence ? i think not.
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Below hopefully is a picture of the V8 which i think is the nicest car ever it may look tatty on this picture but when it comes back from its resto it will be fantastic
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It's a shame you and your Dad didn't come and say hello; there can't be any Area friendlier than Area 15!

Anyway, hopefully you got some pictures something like the one below (if you post any, please obscure the number plates first).

Please do come along to the next meeting.


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Henry, what Cyclist has neglected to mention, is that he is a regular at Area 15, so I suggest you send him a message when you next intend to go. I am sure he would be pleased to introduce you to the crowd. Some of us have been members from equally young ages, so I can assure you of a hearty welcome from all.
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